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All our employess
are WHMIS trained.
Hazardous Conditions Date: 6/20/2007
Procedure No HS-1.11 Revision
Issued by: Title:
The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the effective reporting and follow-up of hazardous conditions and health or safety concerns.

This procedure applies to all staff.

3. Definitions
4. References

Occupational Health & Safety Act, section 25, 27, 28.
Regulations for Construction Projects
Regulations for Industrial Establishments


5.1 General

A worker shall report to the Supervisor or Manager:
1 The absence of, or defect in, any equipment or protective device of which he/she is aware and which may endanger himself or herself or another worker
2 Any contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, or Goodreau Excavating Ltd., policies and procedures
3 Existence of any hazard
4 Document the hazard on the Hazard Concern Report form and submit to the immediate supervisor

5.2 Supervisors & Managers

Supervisors and Managers will:
1 Attempt to resolve the concern, as quickly as possible
2 Thoroughly investigate the concern
3 Report back to the worker who reported the concern or hazard in writing within 3 days
4 If unable to resolve the concern, advise next level of supervision/management
5 President, will review the Hazard Concern Report for further recommendations and actions

5.3 Health & Safety Committee

If the worker's concern is not satisfactorily resolved after a reasonable period of time (not to exceed five working days), the worker is encouraged to bring the concern to the attention of the Health and Safety Representative. The Supervisor or Manager shall forward a copy of the Hazard Concern Report form to the Health & Safety Representative, and provide updates to the form as needed. The Health and Safety Representative may address the concern with a member of management to facilitate resolution, and may make recommendations.

6. Documentation
Hazard Concern Report Form